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Best Time To Get Life Insurance Without Medical Exams

January 5, 2013

life insurance without medical exams

In short, the best time to get life insurance is NOW. But we all have our own reasons why we don’t have it right away – some may be worrying about their monthly expenses, if they can afford paying for their life insurance coverage right now. Then there are others who are not 100% sold on the idea of having life insurance. There are others who do not like getting physically examined and believe that you can not get life insurance without medical exams.

Regardless of your reason, we are here to overturn that. Here are the three instances when it is best to get life insurance coverage.
Best time is when you are young!

If you are scared of undergoing repeated physical exams, there are ways to get life insurance without medical exams. One instance to avoid it is to apply for your life insurance when you are young. When we say young, we do not mean anyone below 40! This means applying even if you are just in your twenties. The sooner you apply, the potentially cheaper your coverage is since you are not considered a high-risk applicant.

Best time is when you have a steady income!

Now that you have steady income (READ: not necessarily a huge income), it is best to get covered. Why? Because it is easier to set aside a fixed amount of money each month (you can even arrange for auto-debit facilities). You may not feel it considerably but you are already paying for the future.

Some life insurance options have self-liquidating features so that after a certain number of years, the interest earned from your plan can already help pay for the plan itself.

Best time is when you are healthy!

Now that you are in top shape, there’s no medical condition that you need to worry about, now is the perfect time to apply for that life insurance without medical exams. Don’t wait until you have developed your diabetes, asthma or even your heart issues.