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How to Get Life Insurance Without Medical Exam

July 27, 2012

MB900446456Are you looking life insurance without medical exams? One of the biggest hesitations to getting life insurance coverage is the need for a medical exam. Not everyone is comfortable to having strangers take a look at their medical history, get physical samples from them and do a physical examination of their bodies. But this is usually mandatory whenever someone wants to get an insurance coverage. How do you get life insurance without medical exams?

Why Is A Medical Exam Needed?

The medical exam is needed to help assess your physical condition. Have you developed an uncontrolled medical condition or do you have a family history of disease? The same way that the company needs to know if you are a professional sky diver, they need to know if your body is at tip top shape. If not, then they may need to increase your premium since your life expectancy may be shorter than another person.

But if you don’t like medical exams, there’s still hope. There are companies out there that can give you life insurance without medical exams.

What Is Life Insurance All About?

Life insurance is about getting something in return in case of an accident or your death. This makes the loss of your presence a bit more bearable and at the same time, takes care of your loved ones financially, in case of your death. Think of it as an investment for funds in your absence. It can get pretty expensive, if you are aiming for high returns or a lot of riders in your policy. But the more important thing is to get covered TODAY. Nothing is certain in this world and the sooner you realize and accept that, the better prepared you will be.

How To Get Past The Medical Exam

Life insurance without medical exams are possible – in some cases you may be charged a higher premium for pre-existing medical conditions. Whatever the agreement is, the goal is to get you covered ASAP.